Mike Abrahams

An exercise in going beyond the given and against the grain, Mike Abrahams’ practice explores the creative process itself as an opportunity to deconstruct the world around us and the way that we behave within it. Focusing on text based content and through assemblage, artist books, drawing, painting, performance and methods of collective making, interventions are made into that which is often banal to the point of invisibility, exposing and unravelling the wiring that lets us see only that which we wish to see, and encouraging a more conscious relationship to our surroundings.

A graphic designer by training and profession, Mike established his eponymous studio in 1996 and has since 2016 extended his practice to intense art-making that continues to disrupt structures of working, seeing, being and doing. He often collaborates with other artists in making work including Richard Berry and Francesca Giuliano.

His work has been shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and a number of his artist books are in the collections of Tate and the V&A.

To watch some of his films visit 59, I dreamt I woke up remembering I hadn’t forgotten, I dreamt I woke up and it was me, First Words in Dalston, Second First Words in Dalston