Astrite Vula

Astrite (Ah-STREET-Ah) Vula is a Twickenham-based freelance artist. Perspective, Light & Colour saturate every aspect of Astrite’s main subjects of study; Abstract & Surrealism. Her most recent work is an organic collection of 4-Dimensional paintings. The paintings are marked by tonal and chromatic shifts that operate in a poly-rhythmic concerto of richly textured surfaces. The result is an enthralling immediacy to an ever-changing-view; as the onlooker explores their own inspired and continuous state of rediscovery.

Wrapping each work around all visible plains, incorporating all edges of the canvas, culminating in a cyclonic swirl of colour that is at once contemporary, yet is timeless. One can’t escape consideration of the diversity of cultural and corporeal meanings that have subconsciously been assigned to its shapes and patterns. The effects echo natural phenomena intersected by man-made undergirds in a powerful display of archetypal symbolism. Vula uses drawing tools, oils and acrylics to produce immersive abstract compositions that borrow from the pared-down structures of minimalism while evoking ancient theories of energy and perception.

Astrite is on Arts Richmond ‘Literature’ and ‘Visual Arts’ Committees and is responsible for the design and rebranding of the ‘Young Writers’. Most recently, having joined Riverside Artists Group, Astrite is working towards our Group Show, which is set to take place in November 2023.

Her design expertise has been honed through a tapestry of influences and cultures and on moving to London was immediately struck by the City’s familiarity to her Birth-Country (the sharp Monumental and Brutalist Architectures). Following a brief residency in Spain, she began to pursue a ‘painting-drawing approach’, – inspired from the late 90s political upheaval and economic strife leading to the break-up of former Yugoslavia and her former life. This dire new reality gave rise to Astrite’s thematic painted and written message works back then, and now concepts rooted in Deconstructivism and Poststructuralist Theories [“The Death of the Author, and Birth of the Reader”].

Formal background includes; holder of Postgraduate Diploma and Bachelor of Arts, Installation & Performing Arts expertise, accompanied by curation, narration and direction. 

Work experience includes; Multimedia professional – experience in video & book production, branding, installation, web design, photographic curator, theatre arts and archivist. 

Mediums; digital, technical & ink drawing, canvas, oils, acrylic, fabrics, printmaking, modelmaking and sculpture.